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If you'd like to use our content for a culminating activity, or if a student has approached you to start a club, let us know!

Online Class

Class lessons

Use our lessons in your classroom. They are structured and ready to go!

Template mockup

Open-source templates

You can be as hands-on or hands-off as you'd like. Students can access all the templates online.

Classroom Lecture

3 student checkpoints

Students will build towards a pitch, keep a blog of their progress and write an article


Learn how the program works

We'll send you an implementation outline for your class, using the lessons and checkpoints.


Read through the student deliverables

We'll provide a checklist for each of the 3 milestones containing student deliverables.


See the curriculum timeline 

Set a timeline that works for you and we will help you organize the content!


Download our evaluation criteria

Your time is precious. Use our template to easily evaluate all student initiatives!

To get started in class

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