what we do

Our mission is to get students OUT into the community through initiatives, and the community IN to the schools to interact with students through networking and
skills-development activities 

Here's why it matters




Help youth create a positive impact in their communities

Bridge youth and the community together through this club in high schools

Youth will participate in networking and skills activities led by the club to help them create community initiatives

wins for students

1.    Gain Skills and Experience

Through the club – and initiatives – you will gain important skills that benefit your future. Think of the 4 C's: Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking.

2.   Get Volunteer Hours

Participate in an initiative that truly benefits the community – the cool thing is, you can also build up your volunteer hours along the way!

3.   Stand Out

Universities and employers value students who give back to their community. If you have a skill, an interest, a talent, use it to help others.

Wins for schools

1.   Promote Their Students' Achievements

Through the club – and social media – any initiatives that are created by any students in the school will be promoted and showcased for others to see.

2.  Collective Impact

All initiatives that are created through the CU Club can be measured – this means that every school year, you can set goals and see what impact the school is making as a whole!

3.  Stand Out

As a school or community member, being able to push the CU Club and initiatives will help you Stand Out to new students arriving. They will see a strong community of like-minded individuals working to build a better future.

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what are initiatives

Interested in learning more about what local initiatives really means?


Take a look at who has started the

CU Club in the schools around you!

See what universities - and employers - say about initiatives

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