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Connecting Us.
Uniting communities.

Real change happens in small steps. We believe in the power of local, community-driven initiatives.

The Blank Canvas brainstorm

Take the first step to build the world you imagine and start your initiative, today.


What do you wish the world looked like?


In the world you described, what are you most excited or passionate about?


What skills, credentials, knowledge, stories, or experience do you have to make a difference in this world?


How can you start taking action towards that world you envision, today?

4Ccelerator Challenge

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This ticket is a reminder to get involved. #MentalHealth

Jan. 15 | 7:00


What we offer

We have put together 9 lessons, including worksheets and activities, that will help you brainstorm, build and jump-start your community initiative!
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Brainstorm the initiative you want to build, and find teammates.
Build your action plan, gather resources, launch your MVP.
Start measuring your impact, build your 'brand' and pitch to professionals!

CU Clubs

Create initiatives to support your communities.

Find your interests. Fuel your passions. Help build a better tomorrow. What world will YOU live in?

post-secondary schools look at your initiatives, too


Our admissions process enables us to give deliberate and meticulous consideration of each applicant as a whole person. Do you have initiative? Are you a self-starter? What motivates you?


From extracurricular activities to academic or career success, personal accomplishments or volunteer initiatives – we're looking for candidates who can bring their leadership potential into the Ivey classroom.

[We] look for four qualities: engagement and accomplishment, leadership, substance, and voice. This is a chance for us to find out more about you and your experiences beyond academics.




we support you, every step of the way

Our resources page will provide you with everything you need to get your CU Club up and running successfully.


We give you the tools for success so that you can focus on making a positive impact in your community. 

Share Your Initiative

Have you already started an initiative and want to promote it? Contact us – we would love to hear more and showcase your initiative on our Instagram